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The Australian parliament's computer system was hacked

The Australian Cyber ​​Agency is investigating violations of the federal state computing network. Reportedly, computer networks have been hacked by foreign countries. To anticipate further impacts, parliamentarians and government staff were asked to change their passwords.

Joint statement from House Speaker Tony Smith and Senate President Scott Ryan said there was no evidence that data had been accessed in violations.

However, the investigation is still being carried out as reported by The Seattle Times (8/2).

"We have no evidence that this is an attempt to influence the outcome of the parliamentary process or interfere with or influence the electoral or political process," said the statement in the statement.

Australian officials do not blame any country.

But in 2011 it was reported, China was suspected of accessing the e-mail system used by parliamentarians and staff. Cyber ​​security expert Fergus Hanson of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute said the possibility of the country was behind the attack.

"There will be a lot of interesting correspondence between staff about who did what ... Maybe there is interesting information about the benefits of parliament given to politicians who may not be liked by the public. There may be all email deposits that can damage one party or another," said Hanson.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison also knows about this attack. But he could not comment on the source of the attack. "I must emphasize that there is no directive that government departments or agencies have been targeted by such attacks," he said.