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Scientists create technology that translates someone's thoughts with AI

Scientists from Columbia University in the United States created a technology that claimed to translate a person's mind into speech.

Later, this technology should help a person with communication problems, such as stroke patients and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

They use artificial intelligence and Vocoder technology. Both tools can translate a person's thoughts based on their brain activity.

Vocoder is a computer algorithm used to translate recording patterns into words and can be used to bring together various ways of speaking that have been recorded with other people.

You need to know the Vocoder if you know Apple Siri and Amazon Echo. Because the Vocoder is used to being able to give answers directly to the answers.

Patients will be invited to listen to a sound that reads the numbers from 0 to 9. When they listen to the sound, the signal activity in their brain will be sent to the Vocoder.

Through the vocoder, cerebral signals will appear in the form of sound that will be pursued by artificial intelligence technology.

Artificial intelligence is used to mimic the nervous performance of the human brain in general, so that it remains consistent with the human mentality even if it is produced by the sound of a robot.

This technology will later give anyone who loses the ability to speak, whether injured or ill, a new opportunity to connect to the world around them.