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5 cats become famous thanks to technology

These cats have become famous thanks to technology. There are those who become sensational materials, some actually contribute to the environment. This famous cat has its own role, some become spectators and some even attract the attention of social media. Some cats that the author will mention here are dead and others are still alive.

Now who is the cat who has become famous thanks to technology and the sensations of the internet? Here is the list for you.

5 cats become famous thanks to technology

Grumpy cat

Grumpy Cat, born April 4, 2012, is known for his upset face. Do not be seen from his face, this cat immediately sold because of his face. His name was obtained because his face seemed actually grumpy. The YouTube channel also contains more than 250,000 subscribers.

Once viewed on his YouTube, you will find various versions of the game for him.

Cole and Marmelade

Cole (Black) and Marmalade (Yellow-White) started to sell well after the owner put them on YouTube. Their humor is also made of different videos such as Cat Logic. Of course, here we see how pretty Cole's and Marmalade's actions are, sometimes making their owners a problem.

In fact, they have a subscriber on YouTube that reaches a million.

Haku, Nagi and Poki

If from right to left, these cats are Haku, Nagi and Poki. This trio of paintings has become a faithful companion in the YouTube videos of Rachel and Jun and Junskitchen. They always accompany Jun Yoshizuki, the chef in this video of cooking.

Not at all shy, subscribers to the Junskitchen itself reached 3.3 million while Rachel and Jun reached two million. If combined, there will be 5.3 million subscribers on YouTube.

Haku and Nagi still watch how Jun cooks, while Poki still likes to steal meat for cooking. Naturally, Poki is indeed a street cat in general.

But can they understand how Jun can cook such delicious food?

Larry the chef mouser

Who does not know the cats that have been employed by the British prime minister for two or more periods at the prime minister's residence. Larry has about two hundred thousand subscribers on Twitter and of course, unique things happen.

The police knocked on the door just to put Larry in a viral situation. In addition, Larry has sometimes fought with Chief Mouser of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth of Palmerston. Even when Brexit took place, Larry again fought against Palmerston, a media witness.

Tama, head of the station in Japan

Tama is probably the most expensive cat, with 10 million US dollars, even if it is a feline type. Born April 29, 1999 and passed away June 22, 2015, has received numerous awards. Prior to his death, Tama was named Honorary President of Wakayama Electric Railways for life.

It has also been successful in reviving the economy since the Japanese government neutralized it via the Internet and the media. Visitors and tourists began arriving to see the station's chief inaugurated since January 7, 2007. As a result, local businesses have grown and Wakayama Electric has gone out of business. Even if the goal is very easy, it is to welcome arriving passengers.

As a result, he became a local and international celebrity after many visitors dedicated and broadcast him on the Internet and social media.

Approximately, which cats have become famous and active in cyberspace? Write in the comments if someone becomes a celebrity through this technology and the Internet.