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End of Jose Mourinho's Second Season Syndrome

When Manchester United beat their rivals Manchester City 2 and 3 at Etihad, many thought the Premier League would not finish prematurely. Even if we can say that United is unlikely to be able to pursue City (13 points after the win at Etihad, he has 6 games left), at least Jose Mourinho's children will not give the title to City.

However, that's exactly what happened. Sunday night yesterday (15/04/2018) Manchester United was surprised by the 0-1 defeat by Interim West Bromwich Albion at Old Trafford. Even worse, there was no enthusiasm among United's players in the match, as they had shown Etehad eight days ago. Many times, United players have even been ridiculed by frustrated fans.

This defeat has virtually locked the title in the Premier League by The Citizen.

The day before, Pep Guardiola had managed to score three points by defeating Tottenham Hotspur 1-3 at Wembley. With 87 points, City is no longer mathematically pursued by United, which currently totals 71. With only 5 games to play, United can only get 86 points.

Mourinho, who has never lost his words in the media, said after the match that he could "kiss" the sad look of Manchester United and make him question the attitude of his adopted children. According to him, one of their problems is coherence.

"In my experience, inconsistencies will not bring you champions, you win with quality, but it must be accompanied by consistency at all levels, not only in appearance, but also at the mental level. to improve is coherence, "he said, quoted by the Guardian.

Asked about his chances for next season to win the Premier League title he failed to reach in his two years at Manchester United, Mourinho seemed to "wash his hands" while defending himself by evoking his Previous record of success.

"I believe in my performance, I have no reason to think otherwise - eight titles and three Premier League.The last Premier League did not take place 20 years ago, but three years ago. I believe in myself, but I'm not the one who plays, "he explained.

Mourinho Second Season Syndrome

Speaking of records, there is no doubt that Jose Mourinho is one of the most successful coaches in the world. The collection of trophies he has made shows that. However, this record of the success of the man born in Setubal, Portugal, has something interesting.

Among all the achievements of Mourinho, a small note appeared: throughout his career, Mourinho has never failed to present the title of champion in his second season. At FC Porto (2003/04), Chelsea (2005/06, 2014/15) and Inter Milan (2009/10), Mourinho did it. At Real Madrid (2011/12), the record seemed more special, as it put an end to Pep Guardiola's domination of Barcelona at that time.

In addition, the achievements of Mourinho in the second season sometimes exceeded those of the first season. He won two Champions League titles with FC Porto and Inter Milan in the second season. It is not surprising that some media qualify this trend as "second season Mourinho syndrome" or call Mourinho the "ruler of the second season".

This reputation, which has become one of the foundations of many supporters of United at the beginning of last season. Especially in the first season, the performance of the 55-year-old coach is not very big. He has successfully won the League Cup, FA Community Shield and the UEFA Cup. They hope that "The Special One" is always special and that the success record of the second season is not just a decoration in the curriculum vitae.