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After Cristiano Ronaldo Not Young Again

A girl crossed the police line, crossed the ground hysterically shouting at her idol who was training. Security guards at the Moisés Lucarelli stadium arrested him. The girl was shaking, crying, screaming like girls at the Beatles concert at Shea Stadium and reaching for the idol: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Ronaldo finally approached, kissed the girl and tried to calm down. The girl seems to want to faint. Moments later, in front of a television reporter, still not losing her hysteria, the girl says, roaring more precisely: "He knew I was there! He knew I was here!"

"What did he say?" Asked the reporter.

"He asked me to stay calm and stop crying."

"What else did you say?"

"I asked him to follow me on Twitter."

Ronaldo is one of the few footballers to be worshiped as a superstar. In addition to the charm of its ability to treat the ball, it has an attractive appearance. Athletic body, beautiful face, clumsy hairstyle. He is now at the forefront of world celebrities. Advertising is the daily food.

In terms of success, Ronaldo has surpassed his predecessor, fellow footballer and celebrity, David Beckham. He has achieved all the summits of individual achievements in football over the last ten years. Beckham succeeds as number 7 at Manchester United. He managed to donate the Champions League trophy, contributing greatly to several league titles. Beckham has never been able to taste the Golden Balon or the World Player of the Year.

The beginning

Ronaldo began to grab the attention of the world when Manchester United bought it at Sporting Lisbon. He arrived at MU in the summer of 2003. According to a biography of Guillem Balague, Ronaldo would have been loaned directly to Lisbon. He did not even bring any spare clothes to England. However, he apparently has not been loaned. On August 16, 2003, Ronaldo made his debut at the MU at the age of 18.

Sir Alex Ferguson, coach of the MU at that time, paid him more attention. Sir Alex wants Ronaldo to become an unstoppable and deadly striker. He was forged to be the best player in the world and ambitious to go. Ronaldo is ready to take additional exercises to improve his abilities and his figure.

In the first three seasons, the score was not too impressive. Of his first 95 appearances in three Premier League seasons, Ronaldo scored just 18 goals. But he has grown to become a faster, stronger, agile and accurate player in the release of baits and throws.

It's not just physical training that forges Ronaldo's abilities. Some important events at that time seemed to have had a part of maturing his personality. In the final of Euro 2004, the whole planet watched him sob after failing to bring Portugal to become European champion. In September 2005, his father died of cirrhosis of the liver.

The day his father was weakened in a London hospital, he met Sir Alex.

"Boss, my feelings are not good, I want to see my father," he said. Sir Alex replied, "Cristiano, you want to go there one day, two days, one week, May, I'll wait for you here because you know you're very important (for the team), but your father first. " Ronaldo often repeats this story, to show how important Sir Alex is in his life, for his career in football. On several occasions, Ronaldo has called Sir Alex his father in football.

After the 2006 Football World Cup in Germany, Ronaldo became the number one enemy of the British public. During the match between Portugal and the United Kingdom, he was involved in an incident with Wayne Rooney, his teammate at United, which earned him a red card. Once again, Sir Alex was behind him - Sir Alex defended David Beckham after the embarrassing red tragedy of the 1998 World Cup. In this 2006-07 season, Ronaldo made a big jump. He led 17 assists in the Premier League and scored 17 goals.