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English Football Is Nonsense

Alan Shearer said the words of submission to the BBC after England lost embarrassingly against Iceland in the last 16 games of the 2016 European Cup with a score of 1-2. The former Three Lions bomber, who scored 30 goals for his country, criticized English coach Roy Hodgson, who he said was incompetent in managing the national team.

"He (Hodgson) has no system, he does not know the best player, he's a zero science strategy!" Said the winner of the gold shoe aka the top scorer of the 1996 European Cup.

Hodgson should have abdicated after the loss of his team by Iceland. Appointed tactician 6 years ago to replace Fabio Capello, who resigned, the former Liverpool coach has always arisen each time escorting England in major tournaments.

Hodgson's best achievement is to deliver England to the quarter-finals of Euro 2012. However, two years later, Wayne Rooney and his friends had poor performances in Brazil. They were expelled more quickly because they did not qualify for the 2014 World Cup group stage. The 2016 European Cup ended the coach's career with the team. Tiga Singa.

Opta noted that Hodgson's performance in holding England was far from satisfactory. He only had a winning percentage of 58.9%, lower than Capello who was replaced (66.7%). Hodgson was only slightly better than the English coach of 1946-1962, Walter Winterbottom, who had 56.1% of the points.

The effectiveness of Iceland

England is actually more dominant than Iceland in the last 16 matches of the 2016 European Cup. According to the statistics presented, the soccer match revealed that the British elite forces were the best placed, with 73 % versus 27% of their opponents.

The number of opportunities in English is also much greater. Iceland is only capable of throwing 6 shots while England has 16, of which 11 have been scored. But, among the many opportunities, only one has become a goal. And even through a Rooney penalty in the 4th minute.

Instead, Iceland has played effectively. The team formed by Lars Lagerback lost almost everything from England, but not to score goals when the two teams that were really different from the caste met.

Joe Hart's goalkeeper, his classmate, could only mourn after the football duo of nowhere, Ragnar Sigurosson and Kolbeinn Sigborsson, succeeded each other in less than 20 minutes.

Iceland arrived in France without luxury, possessing only the record of the old man Eidur Gudjohnsen, who had a long career in the biggest European competitions, including the English Premier League.

The exact composition of Lars Lagerback, who has experience in managing the national team of his country, Sweden, for almost a decade, has also contributed to the glory of Iceland, even with a minimum of capital .

Speaking of Lagerback, this Scandinavian man has always been a nightmare for England, having never lost to the lion king in his career. While still sweeping Sweden between 2000 and 2009, Lagerback had two wins out of a total of six games with England, while the other four games ended in a draw. Now, Iceland's tour has led him to extend his personal best.

The details of the actions taken by Iceland in the Euro 2016 final are themselves mediocre.

Of the four games played, namely three group stage games and one duel in the last 16, the country's fleet very close to the North Pole is almost always lost in possession of possession.

According to Squawka records, Iceland's average ball possession in the four finals of the 2016 European Championship is 39% so far. Its precision of passage reaches only 62%. Compare that with Britain that broke 86%.

Perhaps thanks to the power of Tyr - the war on a weapon in Icelandic beliefs - did Aron Gunnarsson and his friends manage to break the most brilliant record in the history of Icelandic football by climbing to the top 8 in the world? Euro 2016 at their first appearance.