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Depression of Football Players

"We are all in shock, we are all short of words."

The sentence was pronounced by Oliver Bierhoff, a former player of the German national team who now occupies the position of commercial director of his national team, after learning a heartbreaking news: Robert Enke committed suicide in 2009.

Enke, then aged 32, is the guardian of Hannover 96, whose name is highly respected in Germany. It had also strengthened Benfica (1999-2002) and Barcelona (2002-2004). In the national team, he recorded eight appearances. His debut began when Germany defeated Denmark 0-1 in a friendly match in Duisburg on 28 March 2007.

Enke's death suddenly made the football world cry

 Various condolences were offered. Legendary Der Panzer player Franz Beckenbauer said: "I feel endless grief and grief, and when you hear news like this, all the other problems seem futile."

Theo Zwanziger, president of the German Football Federation at the time, was sorry: "Robert is an extraordinary man who has to deal with several shots of fate." While Andreas Trautmann, spokesman for Carl Zeiss Jena, the German third division club where Enke started his career, expressed his sadness: "There are no words for such a tragedy. and saddened by our family. "

The cover page of Hanover's official website at that time also featured a black background with a short phrase expressing deep sadness: "Wir trauern um Robert Enke.

Former Enke teammate Benfica, who was also a former Portuguese national team striker, Nuno Gomes, also offered his condolences:

"It's amazing if he's dead, it's a huge loss to the world of football, to lose a man of rare quality.This sad news, I remember how he was still a kid when he came here, but from day one, he strove to learn our language and managed to do it very quickly, he was a young man eager to achieve his goal. "

"A man with a capital M," said Gomes.

When Enke's body was found, there was a letter of apology. Later, it was discovered: Enke had been suffering from a depression problem since 2003. The initial cause was apparently due to the loss of his headquarters in Barca. Her depression worsened in 2006, when her only daughter, Lara, died of chronic heart disease.

Indeed, Enke and his wife, Teresa, decided to adopt a new child after Lara's death. But Enke was concerned that the child named Leila would be sent back to the facility because the public knew he was suffering from depression. Teresa testified:

"I tried to always be there for him and to say that football is not everything, there are so many beautiful things in the world, it's not something that has not been helped. We have Lara, we have Leila, I always want to help he was scared, he was afraid of losing Leila. "

Enke's fears continued to feed him. Until 10 November 2009, he decided to go to a railway crossing in Neustadt am Rübenberge and hang it on a high-speed train.

Mental health issues on the green field

In February 2018, Angel di Maria issued a statement that memes that made fun of footballers made him so stressed that he had to meet a psychologist for consultation.

"The burden we received from football and the memes that made fun of the players on the national team (Argentina) really depressed us, it also made us think about retirement, our family also suffered. a psychologist about it, it's easy to laugh at these memes behind a computer screen or cell phone, but it was terrible, "he said.