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Advantages of Smart Vivo Face Scanner Features in V11 and V11 Pro

Vivo provides screen lock security features on the V11 and V11 Pro models in a variety of ways, one of which is artificial intelligence (AI) face access or smart face scanner. So, what are the benefits of this feature on both devices?

Face recognition is commonly adopted by a number of smartphone brands ranging from economy to mid-range. Vivo itself has used scanning or face scanning technology, which has since been named Face Access since 2017.

AI Face Access 3D

The technology is then equipped with artificial intelligence capabilities and smarter and more accurate infrared (IR) sensors to recognize the faces of smartphone owners using three-dimensional (3D) techniques.

According to Jason Fanjaya as Product Manager of PT Vivo Mobile Indonesia, AI Face Access not only serves to unlock screens on Vivo V11 Pro, but can also be used to lock and unlock various applications.

"Without having to make physical contact with a smartphone, it becomes very functional as a function of intelligent and secure authentication," he said in a written statement reached Tirto Friday (23/11/2018).

Unlike the screen security model of the smartphone, such as the model, PIN codes or alphanumeric passwords that require physical contact, Jason continued, AI's Face Access feature opens the door. screen in just 0.1 seconds.

"Even though the conditions around are relatively dark, AI Face Access on the Vivo V11 Pro can still quickly recognize faces with infrared sensors," he added.

AI Face Access is safer and more comfortable

Unlike Face Unlock, which is generally based on photos, AI Face Access uses an infrared sensor that illuminates the user's face and identifies 1024 unique points on the face, then creates a 3D model of the user's face. .

AI Face Access functions on Vivo V11 Pro can not be fooled by using user photos either, as the photos are in 2D.

Thanks to the infrared light that illuminates all areas of the face, the AI ​​Access to Face function still works normally, even in dark spaces. This can not be done by the photo-based face unlock function.

The use of AI-based AI algorithms, combined with faster processors, allows AI Face Access to adapt to many of the weaknesses of the traditional 2D face recognition model.

However, Jason explained that the AI ​​Face Access detection rate sometimes decreased if the Vivo V11 Pro user's face was highlighted directly, under bright lighting or vice versa, when the face was back to the light.

"To avoid access to AI faces, it is difficult to detect faces, so users must first register their faces in bright light conditions," he said.